On Thursday, October 14, at 11:00 AM Eastern, ALDA will host a Vaccine Mandate Collaborative session for members. This is a topic that is constantly evolving and companies are interested in knowing how other organizations are approaching mandates.
  • What policies have been instituted?
  • How are they being managed, particularly exemptions?
  • For those instituting mandates, has general feedback been positive or negative?
  • What lessons have been learned?
This session will be presented by Angie Lalor, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Danaher and Patricia Kim, Danaher Vice President for Labor and Employee Relations. Angie and Patricia will share Danaher’s status and approach and take questions from the group, and ALDA will share some high-level results of our recent vaccine mandate survey and also conduct another live survey on the call to share with attendees. There will also be an opportunity for interested members to share tools and resources with fellow ALDA member companies to help each other navigate this process.
Contact Carol Starke (cstarke@thealda.org) to register.