Cybersecurity Strategy for the C-Suite

April 13, 2021
11:00 AM Eastern

Every week there are new headlines regarding the latest high-profile cyber-attack, from governments to corporations in nearly every industry. They come out of nowhere and require a tremendous amount of resources for companies to navigate. These attacks are unfortunately more common than just what makes the headlines, affecting companies of all sizes.

How should executives be preparing for the worst? What are some of the latest developments in cyber-attacks that companies should be aware of?

On April 13 at 11 am Eastern, ALDA executives are invited to attend a virtual Senior Executive Session titled “Cybersecurity Strategy for the C-Suite”. Presented by a current FBI agent as well as an expert on executive cybersecurity training, this session will dive into topics that executives at companies of all sizes should be considering. The session will focus on:

  • C-Suite Cyber Awareness & Trends
  • What are the current threats (Hackers/Nation States), presented by the FBI
  • What are the failures identified by the FBI in protecting networks from Hackers/Nation States?
  • How to balance the principled vs practical approach when dealing with cyber intrusion
  • Questions from the audience

**Remember that your ALDA membership is a company membership; please invite any of your colleagues who you feel would find this content valuable.

Presented by:

Dan William
Charles River Associates
(See Dan’s bio HERE)

Aaron Van Hoff
Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
(See Aaron’s bio HERE)