ALDA 2021 Virtual Service & Support Executive Conference

December 15, 2021
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM Eastern

Join your peers and colleagues as ALDA’s Service & Support Executive Conference continues to go virtual. We will tackle top-of-mind issues for navigating the new normal and building for the future of service.

Based on the feedback and engagement at last year’s conference, ALDA is again going virtual with the 2021 Service & Support Executives Conference. We are excited to have two experts in our space presenting on topics of relevance to our industry: people & tools. Many companies are seeing a lack of skilled labor combined with an increased demand for response time. What tools exist to assist companies with these concerns? Where are AR/AI and other technologies being successfully utilized? How do we bridge the skill gap? How are companies attracting and retaining service employees as we all deal with an aging work force? Our speakers with address these topics during the first portion of the conference, followed by breakout rooms where attendees can dive deeper into topics such as New Ideas for Service Revenue Streams, Predictive Service. Data utilization, and more.

Contact Carol Starke ( for registration details.