Thursday, December 3

11:00 am Eastern


Presented by:

  • Jennifer Leib, ScM, CGC, Founder of Innovation Policy Solutions
  • Megan Anderson Brooks, PhD, Principal at Innovation Policy Solutions

The November 3 election in the United States will shape future policy and legislation that will directly and indirectly impact ALDA members.

The numerous potential executive and legislative outcomes present various different landscapes for the future of healthcare and business. The next ALDA executive leadership session will dive into these new political dynamics and top-of-mind policy issues shaping our industry. 

This session is designed for our executive members and will be presented by Jennifer Leib ScM, CGC, Founder of Innovation Policy Solutions and Megan Anderson Brooks, Principal at Innovation Policy Solutions. Jennifer and Megan help clients navigate the evolving regulatory and reimbursement landscape for targeted therapeutics, laboratory-based diagnostics, and mobile and digital health technologies. They have their finger on the pulse of all things policy that impact our industry, and will discuss the election’s implications for:  

  • NIH, research and university funding
  • FDA regulations
  • Healthcare spending & next steps with the Affordable Care Act
  • Corporate taxes, employment law (H-1B visas) & environmental regulations
  • International relations & trade issues
  • And more, as decided by you: there will be a live Q&A and you can submit questions in advance during the registration process 

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This is the first session in a two-part series exploring the international geopolitical landscape and how it is impacting our members. Our next session will take place in early 2021 and will have an international & European focus.

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