ALDA has identified—through its members, DEI Task Force, and collaborative efforts—areas where there is a lack of sufficient data in our industry for our member companies to know how they are performing relative to diversity and inclusion efforts. Many are making decisions without supporting data.

As such, ALDA launched our first annual ALDA Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarking Study late last year in partnership with Pearl Meyer, the highly respected compensation consultancy. The results were shared with our members who participated in February.

This confidential and anonymous survey aimed to address this lack of data, and benchmarked industry performance related to two primary areas:

  1. Diversity in the workplace
  2. Diversity and inclusion practices

This survey received responses from 45 member companies and includes representation data on ~265,000 employees. We are very pleased with the results, particularly because this is our first time ever conducting a survey like this. There is a clear appetite for this information in our industry, and we are excited to be able to provide this actionable data set through ALDA.

We are also building out a higher-level executive summary with a corresponding narrative to share with the industry, including non-participants. We expect that to be completed shortly.

We certainly aren’t an anomaly but there is clear opportunity for growth here within most of our individual companies. We will work together to make progress and will continue to work through ALDA to drive positive change. Our member companies need this data, and so does our industry. This will help ALDA as an association track how we are doing relative to other industries, in healthcare and otherwise. This will also help us, and our member companies, make strategic decisions.

ALDA is excited to drive this initiative; we hope you agree that this data will be of high value to the association, our industry, and most importantly to you, our members.



Members: If you have questions about this survey, please contact Carol Starke, or Mike Copps,